Versalia Pizza

How we helped

  • Branding

Veracci Pizza, located in Kendall Yards with a catering trailer often used for community events, recently became Versalia Pizza. Their hand-crafted artisan Italian pizzas became known for their old-world taste from fresh ingredients and a wood-fired oven. The growing restaurant wanted to rebrand itself separately from Veracci Pizza restaurants in the Seattle area, requiring a new name and brand image.

The restaurant’s owners hired us to rebrand them. Our work began with an online brand survey and meetings with the owners where we learned of the history of the business, what makes it unique, the patrons they want to reach, and key attributes they desired to communicate through their name and logo.

We focused on maintaining an Italian connection and developed the name, Versalia, which creates a strong Italian impression and incorporates the initials of the owners and their children. As the restaurant is family-owned, this clever inclusion of family initials gives the new brand a personal element.

We strategically designed the Versalia logo to provide an even more profound old-world impression. The logo conveys the unique aspects of a Versalia dining experience and features a custom script font with an icon of a pizza slice, flame, and the arch of their wood-fired pizza oven

Versalia Pizza utilizes the new brand image on pizza boxes, apparel, signage, social media, and other items. The new name and logo beautifully represent the restaurant, its history, and its owners.

Mangia bene!