The Budget Mom

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When needing general live advice, it’s wise to talk with your mom. When managing your spending, it’s wise to consult The Budget Mom, Miko Love. Miko empowers people to build a fulfilling life on a budget they can afford. As an Accredited Financial Counselor®, Miko makes budgeting fun, using her unique system that is easy to use.

We enjoyed developing The Budget Mom’s brand identity, Budget by Paycheck workbook design, and website. The Budget Mom’s brand identity, fonts, color palette, and graphic standards reflect Miko’s style and personality.

The workbooks consist of colorful cash envelopes and spending trackers that are as fun as they are effective. The system allows the user to consolidate and organize 12 months of personal finances. The unique illustrations create an attractive presentation with the bonus of double-sided pockets with hand-drawn stickers.

After design and production, the Budget by Paycheck full-size workbook launched to more than 2 million social media followers. Design of the Budget by Paycheck complete boxed set followed and included 12 unique monthly booklets and a bonus booklet containing instructional guidance and yearly financial trackers. Each booklet incorporated custom hand-drawn illustrations and inspirational quotes.

Miko achieved sales success with the new product, and her budgeting process was featured by Huffington Post, Inside Edition, ABC’s Good Morning America, and CNBC.

The Budget by Paycheck process works, and the design of her materials encourages continued use. People are motivated to take charge of their finances without needing complex spreadsheets. The Budget Mom makes budget planning and tracking easy and beautiful.