Spokane Eye Clinic

How we helped

  • Branding,
  • Digital,
  • Advertising,
  • Marketing

We worked with Spokane Eye Clinic to develop its brand identity, design corporate materials, and expand its reach through signage, advertising, collateral, website, videos, and digital marketing campaigns.

Spokane Eye Clinic’s logo gets to the focus of its brand communication—accurate and insightful vision care and treatment of eye diseases. The circular element is reminiscent of an eye. The horizontal line connecting to the pupil of the “eye” puts Spokane Eye Clinic at the center of a patient’s optical health and vision care needs. The symbol design and typestyle convey an impression of technology, surgical care, and accuracy—all key attributes of Spokane Eye Clinic.

Their website showcases Spokane Eye Clinic’s talented physicians and provides a fresh user experience. We conducted a website and competitor audit then worked with Spokane Eye Clinic’s marketing team to develop and implement the strategy. The result is a clean, modern site that provides quick access to information based on patient interest and need. We wrote site content using key terms and phrases to maximize the website’s search results. The site includes appealing illustrations depicting ophthalmic conditions and surgical techniques rather than using off-putting photographs. The site makes it easy to find a doctor, schedule an appointment, and find a clinic location.

A brand-focused outdoor advertising campaign used the word “Insightful” to creatively communicate Spokane Eye Clinic’s expertise, treatment options, and vision benefits. The visitor doesn’t need 20/20 vision to read and understand the message—that life is better and more insightful when Spokane Eye Clinic makes vision sharp and clear.

We helped Spokane Eye Clinic celebrate its 65th anniversary by designing an anniversary logo, developing an online campaign, and producing two videos to acknowledge the achievement. The advertising campaign used the 30-second video, and the clinic’s staff used an 8-minute version in select presentations.