Spokane County Golf Courses

How we helped

  • Branding

Following the December 2020 name change of Hangman Valley Golf Course to Latah Creek Golf Course, Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf selected Klündt Hosmer to design new brand images for Latah Creek, Liberty Lake, and MeadowWood Golf Courses.

Working closely with Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf Director Doug Chase, Policy and Communications Manager Jared Webley, and the County Golf Committee, we developed a family of three logos that feature elements unique to each course while retaining a consistent visual look.

We presented several logo directions and made refinements based on feedback from County staff. Once the County golf logo team and Golf Committee approved the designs, the logos were presented to the Spokane County Board of Commissioners, where the logos received unanimous approval.

A complete logo library of various file types and formats was developed for use by the County and golf pros at each course. In addition, graphic standards documents were created to educate them on the correct and incorrect usage of the new brand images. Then, we created designs to show the application of the new logos to entry signage, course signage, apparel, clubhouse drinkware, scorecards, and other applications.

Finally, we developed a logo implementation plan to guide County staff on the new logo rollout when updating graphics on social media, press releases, and course listings on local and national golf websites.

Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf now has beautiful brand imagery to identify and promote their three golf courses, correcting inconsistencies and cultural concerns of the previous logos. As the County updates their courses with the new logo, residents, visitors, and golf enthusiasts will encounter the improved brand images while participating in the high-quality golf experiences provided by the County.