Incyte Diagnostics

How we helped

  • Branding,
  • Digital,
  • Advertising,
  • Marketing

Incyte Diagnostics is a Pacific Northwest leader in bloodwork, pathology, and laboratory testing. The organization began acquiring other labs and expanding into new markets, and desired a brand image update to represent them through this new phase of business. We worked closely with Incyte’s team as we erdesigned their brand identity, pathology reports, advertising, trade show materials, and website.

We rendered Incyte Diagnostics’ brand image in a custom typestyle, with the central letters surrounding a dot symbolizing a sample under a microscope. The logo conveys Incyte’s innovation, professionalism, and technical services.

While lab reports for hospitals, healthcare providers, and patients are a critical product of pathology labs, most lab reports are visually unappealing and confusing. We set out to create a clean, easy-to-read lab report that would set the industry standard.

After interviewing pathologists and physicians regarding their work with lab reports, we re-designed Incyte’s reports to deliver critical diagnostic information in a clear, concise way, so the report formats visually reflected the quality of Incyte’s diagnostic services.

After launching the new brand and report format, Incyte opened more new accounts in the first month than the previous year, resulting in a 40% increase in monthly sales spurred by the new brand image, better product delivery, and a re-inspired sales team.

Further branding and marketing consisted of redesigning Incyte’s website, and a print advertising campaign to launch the updated brand.

In spring 2020, the company opened a new clinical lab facility and patient service centers to provide convenient and comfortable locations for blood draws and other specimen collection procedures. We created the brand images for these new aspects of InCyte Diagnostics, building on the brand impressions and equity started by our initial branding work.