Hamilton Studio

How we helped

  • Branding,
  • Digital

Our work with Hamilton Studio spans over 30 years. Hamilton is a consummate photography, film, and audio studio that had been graphically represented by a visual brand we developed for them back in the day of film cameras and in-house film processing. Since then, production technology and the Hamilton Studio underwent considerable change.


The Hamilton Studio brand is well-known, so we used the original logo, designed over two decades earlier, as the foundation of the new design. A prominent letter H displays the first letter of the studio name, and is partially formed by the negative space of a motion picture camera located at the base of the design.

The camera image is subtle, reflective of the studio’s approach to storytelling—not letting the equipment or photographic technique get ahead of crafting their client’s message. The top part of the H symbolizes a frame of 35mm film. The touch of red highlights the camera lens and is repeated in the word STUDIO, emphasizing that the entire studio is involved in their projects, not just owner, Don Hamilton.

After launching the new logo, Hamilton Studio hired us to re-envision its website. We began by asking, “what do art directors, marketing directors, and producers need to see?” Then, we created an easy-to-use site that features Hamilton Studio’s award-winning portfolio, talented staff, and unique facilities.

From brand image to business cards, facility signage to website, the Hamilton Studio is poised for the future, regardless of technological advancements influencing their work.