How we helped

  • Branding,
  • Marketing

The FreshFuel Food Project is a school meal program initiated by Empire Health Foundation.

Helping meet the nutritional needs of their students, Spokane School District revamped their traditional school lunches by offering fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and meals made-by-scratch, daily. We were hired to create the visual identity for the project and promote the benefits of fresh, local and delicious menu to students and staff.


The logo design features a fork and curved lines representing a fuel gauge. As students fuel up by eating the right foods, they increase energy, improve health, and are better able to focus on their studies.

The brand image is used on postcards, in-school table tents, and posters to promote the FreshFuel Food Project to students, families, and staff.

The design attracts and holds student attention by using bright colors and whimsical creature illustrations, encouraging them to make good meal choices at school and at home.