Who's Klü?

April 29, 2021, Read Time 2 mins · Diane Mahan

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For years we watched TV spots stating that a certain cereal brand was “an important part of a balanced breakfast!” Klündt Hosmer is here to say, “digital marketing is an important part of a balanced marketing program!” If you’re uncertain which “brand” to purchase when sitting down to a balanced marketing campaign, allow us to introduce you to Klü Digital, the digital division of Klündt Hosmer.

After decades of helping organizations brand and market themselves, we saw the value of adding digital marketing to the mix. We researched potential digital marketing partners and we simply weren’t impressed. Either the services and reporting weren’t what we expected, or the results weren’t good enough. These poor options didn’t lessen our desire to provide critical digital services, they only encouraged us to gain the knowledge, certifications, insights, and commitment to become digital experts. After 10 years of expanding our digital offerings, we launched Klü in 2019—headed by Klündt Hosmer partners, Jean Klündt and Diane Mahan.

A Google Partner

Jean and Diane assembled a team of in-house digital marketing experts who create digital strategy, campaign management, and measurement. The team works with Klündt Hosmer’s talented designers and writers to develop creative and effective campaigns. This team crafts and implements online display marketing such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and other online tactics to help organizations reach online audiences, expand brands, and achieve business goals.

The Klü team is comprised of high-achieving, dedicated, data-driven perfectionists. Just the type of people you want strategizing, designing, measuring, and managing your digital marketing.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take Google’s word for it. Klü is a Google Partner and members of the Klü team are certified experts in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Measurement, and others.

Take the Inland NW Digital Marketing Summit’s word for it. They invited Diane to share her expertise and insights during her presentation, “Using Data for Effective Digital Marketing” at Digital Crush.

Take Whitworth University’s word for it. They hired Diane as an adjunct instructor teaching a 400-level digital marketing course to their business students. These organizations are picky about who they certify, who they invite to speak, and who they trust to prepare their students for successful careers.

These endorsements don’t include the organizations that trust Klü every day to handle their complex digital campaigns and generate ROI on their digital marketing spend (also known as advertising return on ad spend (ROAS).

Let's Achieve Great Things

Learn more at klüdigital.com or give Diane Mahan, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, a call at 509.456.5848.