RESCUE! Knowing Bugs Are Buggers

February 6, 2020

rescue spotlight 01 v2

RESCUE! insect traps and repellants have protected homeowners for nearly 40 years. Headquartered in Spokane Valley, the company has worked with us to create design and sales materials to promote their products. Determining the right trap to purchase for their problem bug is challenging for the consumer. Is that a yellowjacket or a paper wasp? Our job was to help consumers learn which trap, repellant, or bait works best to catch a specific insect.

Infographics we created for RESCUE! makes bug identification quick and simple so consumers can purchase the right trap online or in retail stores. These infographics are used in the RESCUE! website, helping turn anyone into a budding etymologist with the insight to effectively win the battle against wasps, fruit flies, ants, and other household pests.