Pumpkin Ball 2021: Peek Behind the Curtain of Brand Image Magic

October 14, 2021, Read Time 2.5 mins · Rick Hosmer

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We’ve worked our brand image magic on close to 500 corporate, organization, and product logo designs through the years. See some of that branding magic here
However, don’t assume that great brand images are created by waving a magic wand or saying “hocus pocus” while scanning through images on LogoLounge. At Klündt Hosmer, these award-winning brand images come from a detailed process we have refined over decades.

We’re giving you a peek behind the curtain of our logo process
We Build on a Solid Base

Our logo development process always starts with a brand survey completed by everyone within the company with valid input on the brand attributes and visual direction. Everyone with logo concept approval power must complete the survey. Then, we meet with the client team to discuss the results. Once we understand the client’s goals, audiences, business plans, and differentiators, we draft a Creative Brief defining the project’s purpose and objectives to inform our project designer, art director, creative director, and account executive.

Research Powers

Research begins with reviewing competitor logo designs of competitors, which ensures we are not accidentally developing similar concepts. This research ensures our design is a better visual communicator. More research goes into creating a Mood Board to inspire the creative direction. Finally, the designer and art director review the Mood Board and use it as a guide for developing the brand image.

Developing the Design

We develop multiple logo concepts, from quick sketches to more elaborate mock-ups, review all concepts against logo criteria and decide which concepts to develop further. Finally, the Creative Director selects concepts that best achieve the brand’s communication goals for the project designer to refine for presentation and create philosophy statements to accompany each concept.

Perfecting the Presentation

We may present multiple designs, knowing whichever concept the client selected will powerfully and authentically communicate the client’s brand. During the logo presentation, our client listens to the philosophy statements while viewing each logo concept. At the end of the presentation, we review all concepts as a group. Sometimes, the decision is quick and unanimous. Other times, the client needs more time to decide or see design alterations before choosing a concept. 

Putting the Brand to Work

After selecting a concept, we finalize the logo art and create a logo library of file types. This stage may include a Brand Image Style Guide to show the logo’s proper use and application on corporate identity (envelope, letterhead, business card), in the client’s website, signage, apparel, advertising, digital marketing, product packaging, and sales materials.

Nothing Up Our Sleeves (Except Experience)

As you can see, there is much more to creating a beautiful and compelling brand image than simply designing something that looks attractive. Like most magic, what appears astounding and straightforward to the audience is backed by insight, talent, and technique. Crafting an authentic brand image design that visually represents a company or organization for years isn’t as simple as pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but the result can be equally impressive.

Have a Logo the Needs Branding Magic?

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