The Budget Mom Inspired Budgeting

September 12, 2019

budget mom workbooks

Spokane’s own Kumiko Love is The Budget Mom™, affectionately called “Miko.” She empowers people to build a life they love on a budget they can afford. As an Accredited Financial Counselor® Miko makes budgeting fun by showing viewers her actual budget numbers in a system that is easy to understand and maintain. With 300,000+ followers on Instagram, her message is spreading and resonating.

We worked with Miko to design, illustrate and produce her Budget By Paycheck Workbook™ series, cash envelopes, spending trackers, and website design. The workbooks are available here.

Miko is passionate, inspiring, and a joy to work with! Huffington Post, Inside Edition, ABC's Good Morning America, CNBC, and KXLY featured Miko and her budgeting process. We expect that her energy inspired those viewers as much as it did us.