Illustrating How-To Identify & Trap Pesky Bugs

July 22, 2021, Read Time < 1 min · Rick Hosmer

yellow jacket vs paper wasp klundt hosmer spokane washington

RESCUE! is the company you want by your side when dealing with any creepy crawlies that can bite, sting, or wreak havoc in and around your home. We’ve worked with RESCUE! for years, creating sales materials and website assets to promote their traps and other products. Recently, we created new infographics about RESCUE’s suite of products used to trap Fruit Flies, Ants, Carpenter Bees, and inform customers of the differences between Yellowjackets and Wasps. Featuring custom illustrations, these infographics are used on RESCUE’s website and Amazon store as a fun way to inform customers about RESCUE’s offerings and how to use them in and around their homes.

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