Constructiv Name, Logo & Website

May 10, 2018


The owners of a successful interior construction firm expanded through the launch of a new company. Partnering with DIRTT, a Canadian enterprise manufacturing modular and adaptable interior space components, the new company needed a name, logo, corporate identity package, and website to begin promoting its services. Following the completion of a branding survey and consensus-building meetings, Klündt | Hosmer began the name development process generating hundreds of potential names.

After reviewing a long list of worthy options, the client approved the name Constructiv, which allowed us to begin the logo, envelope, letterhead, and stationery package design. Working from an initial website layout created by DIRTT, we customized and programmed Constructiv’s responsive website with a content management system and new copy. Constructiv launched in early January with an innovative name, compelling brand image, and a website crafted to appeal to architects, interior designers, and building owners.