Our Newest Team Members: Jessica, Caden, and Ryan

May 13, 2021


We recently brought new talented new team members on board and want to brag about them a bit. If you haven’t met them already, here’s your chance to get to know Jessica, Caden, and Ryan.

Jessica McDonnell, Account Coordinator

Jessica is our new Account Coordinator, meaning that she’s trying to be an Annie clone, but in her own special way, of course. Jessica takes care of clients, account managers, creatives, and developers, making sure everyone has what they need to get the project or campaign done right. She is creative, funny, and organized—perfect attributes to keeping things rolling smoothly. Her golden retriever, Lucy (affectionately known as “Big Lucy” or “Mama Lucy”), loves getting to know people as they visit the office.

Caden Mayfield, Digital Marketing Specialist

Caden Mayfield is Klü's not-so-secret asset. His experience determining audience demographics, developing segmented ad targeting, and ensuring that client campaigns reach the people they need to reach, is put to great use. Caden loves to travel and has done a couple of stints in the Peace Corps, including time in Ukraine, Sierra Leone, and Armenia. After getting his bachelor’s in Graphic Design from EWU in 2012, Caden went on to get his MBA. If you recognize Caden, you may have seen him performing in the area. He’s known for his singing voice and can be found jamming with other musicians in our office. Whether talking PPC and SEM, fine guitars, or good places to eat in Ильичёвск, Caden’s your guy.

Ryan Hildahl, Digital Marketing Intern

Ryan is Klü’s Digital Marketing Intern from Whitworth University and will be graduating in just a couple of weeks. A student in Diane’s digital marketing class at Whitworth, he now receives real-world, on-the-job training from Diane and Caden. Ryan works on SEO initiatives and digital marketing campaigns, tracking results and generating reports. While his head may be in the land of Google, his heart (and singing voice) is on stage at Life Center Spokane where he serves on the worship team.

Don’t miss our new illustrative rollover for each staff member photo

Go to the team page on our new website to see Caden, Jessica, and Ryan’s images, as interpreted through illustration by Tiffany Patterson. It’s pretty fun—just mouse over each photo (if viewing from your smartphone, just tap each person’s photo to see the illustration). The whole team has them, including Bonnie, the office dog!