A New Step: Pumpkin Ball Pivot

November 17, 2020, Read Time < 1 min · Rick Hosmer

pumpkin ball donation

Due to COVID-19, this year's Pumpkin Ball event hosted by Providence Health Care Foundation of Eastern Washington was canceled, but the need to help at-risk children is greater than ever. The Pumpkin Ball raises funds for Vanessa Behan and Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. The event has been re-imagined as an online fundraising campaign to continue offering children and families the critical support they need during this unprecedented time.

School and daycare closures and the stresses of quarantines and lockdowns, the pandemic amplified the need to protect and care for vulnerable children. Klündt Hosmer helped The Pumpkin Ball with the pro bono design of invitations, billboards, print, and digital advertising to promote the campaign. You can help provide for the care and services these children in need by making your own Pumpkin Ball gift.