One of the most effective means of storytelling is video, especially in a digital world.

The essence of Klündt Hosmer is creatively telling brand stories in different avenues. One of our favorite formats is HD digital video that has come lightyears from the original film and videotape we started with decades ago. Plus, HD video delivers much better results.

We bring detailed insight, art direction, creative concepting, and scriptwriting to the process of corporate video and TV spot creation that delivers a consistent brand-focused narrative across all branding and marketing touchpoints. We partner with full-service production companies such as Hamilton Studio, Treatment, and Corner Booth Media with the equipment and technology to produce what we envision for our client’s projects.

It’s not easy telling a complex brand story in a 30-second spot or 2-minute video. Attention to time, magnified by diminishing audience attention spans, makes it challenging to capture viewer’s attention, but one our confidently addresses on your website, social media, or video channel.

Clients such as Evoke Therapy, Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists, Hotstart, Innovia Foundation, and Visit Spokane present themselves to their clients, patients, customers, and visitors with compelling video from Klündt Hosmer.

View our promo video below to see proof of our work, which we are excited to share with you. Then, contact us to discuss your organization’s video needs. Then, we can add your project to the highlight reel.

You have a brand-focused story to tell. Let Klündt Hosmer use the power of video to tell that story.