Spokane digital marketing that can help achieve your business goals.

If you’re responsible for KPIs or sales, you need to control your organization’s digital space. Klündt Hosmer’s experienced digital team of designers, developers, strategists, campaign managers, writers, and hosting staff through our digital marketing consultancy, Klü, begins with clearly understanding your goals to develop online impressions that are effective and beautiful. Our team uses data and A/B testing to refine sites, landing pages, and digital campaigns to continuously perform and achieve your business goals.

We focus on authentic brand communication to positively influence your audience through web design, online advertising, and search marketing. Advertising and websites work when they authentically convey an organization’s brand through design, content, and user experience. Thoughtful site structure allows visitors to easily find what they need while building a strong connection to your organization.

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Digital Creative

Digital marketing provides a great opportunity for creative concepts. Creative allows companies to enhance their brand position and personality, connecting to their audiences through common beliefs. Though display space is typically small, a compelling visual and action-provoking message can result in clicks to a landing page or website where the rest of the story can be told.

Digital Marketing

There are many opportunities for digital marketing in Spokane—SEO, PPC, online display advertising, social media marketing—that businesses can use to reach their audiences and expand their brand. With the right creative approach, digital marketing can be a cost-effective, measurable and adaptable way to invest a marketing budget.


It is long been said that money makes the world go ’round. For some of our clients, money makes the World Wide Web go ’round… at least for their e-commerce businesses. E-commerce is a growing factor in our website development whether using Shopify, Wordpress WooCommerce, Wix eCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Ecwid (formerly Lemonstand), or other eCommerce platform desired by your business. From simple online payments to complex real-time shipping calculations and inventory management, our developers craft e-commerce websites to each clients’ need. You can take that to the bank.

Email Campaigns

Remember when newsletters were printed and delivered with a stamp on them? Yeah, we do too. We’ve produced hundreds of them. But today’s newsletters are designed and produced as email blasts, through custom templates that our clients can manage and send on their own using Campaign Monitor or MailChimp. No printing. No stamps. And best of all, email marketing services come with analytics data that tracks how many emails were opened, who read them, and who clicked-through as a qualified lead. That kind of data is why email marketing strategy is such a valuable tool for marketing our clients.

Web Design

Website design means more than just how each page looks. Web design and development also includes how content and functionality work together to enhance the user experience. As a brand-focused Spokane web design firm, we devote serious time to the visual impact and layout of each website. Our designers work hand-in-hand with our web developers to ensure that web technology requirements do not hinder the desired visual impression. It’s a fine line sometimes, but we’re very skilled at walking it.

Web Development

Designers can dream up anything. With the right talent and a pen in hand, it’s not difficult to design an amazing website… on paper. The challenge comes from converting that dream into the technical reality of pixels and programming. Website development is often considered more of a science than an art. But at Klündt Hosmer, we don’t see it that way. Our web developers understand the importance of great design and its relationship with the technicalities of programming. We won't create websites any other way.


With so many opportunities to promote a business or product through digital channels, it is important to follow a designed strategy that supports a consistent campaign theme. This “plan of action” will direct action and investment to a clear goal or goals based on the overall marketing strategy. In most cases, digital strategy includes components of earned, owned, and paid media.