Graphic design in Spokane starts with one thing—authentic branding.

Brand authenticity is both an experience and a perception. One of the most powerful expressions of your company’s brand is how your organization looks.

Klündt Hosmer approaches brand positioning holistically. We don't simply design a brand image to look good. We work with you to define messaging, naming, brand structure, and visual identity, while delivering practical tools such as brand style guidelines, writing style voice, and content to gain brand awareness and grow your organization.

Logo Design

When customers see your business card, packaging, website, digital ad, or proposal cover, they make an immediate, subconscious decision. Do they trust your business, or are you a flake? This decision happens before you can say anything about your services or products. Creating a logo design that authentically represents your organization is the cornerstone of your corporate communication, marketing, and sales efforts. Get it right and you win. Get it wrong and well… you don’t want to get it wrong. Klündt Hosmer creates custom logo design in Spokane that gets it right.

Brand Audits

Every organization has a brand, whether designed intentionally or otherwise. How do you know if your brand is representing your company properly? First, you've got to understand what your customers need to know and feel about you. Then review every touchpoint that customers see and experience about your business — your brand image, business card, office signage, brochure, messaging, advertising, website — and determine if they are in authentic alignment, or what needs to improve. In a bit over your head? That’s why Klündt Hosmer is here.

Brand Strategy

Your business competitors are out there talking to the same customers you are — in person, through advertising, online, and by word-of-mouth. It’s a competitive environment. So how are you fairing in comparison? In this marketplace, just trying stuff isn’t going to cut it. Running an ad here, attending a trade show there, randomly sponsoring an event, is just shooting in the dark. Klündt Hosmer develops brand strategy that targets exactly what you need to be doing and when, saving you time, money and effort. No more shooting in the dark.

Stationery Package

It’s so simple. A bit of paper and a couple of ink colors, maybe. How important can it be? Incredibly important. Even with the ubiquity of email and websites, your printed stationery package still conveys the professionalism of your business. The right design, paper selection and printing enables you to reach your customer through their eyes and fingertips, leaving a memorable brand impression that can’t be duplicated on-screen.

SWOT Analysis

Not to equate doing business with going to war, but competing in your marketplace requires a battle plan. Before you can implement that battle plan, you've got understand the battlefield. In marketing, that battlefield is determined by a SWOT analysis. In your marketplace, what are your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Detailed research, interviews, experienced observations and trusted recommendations result in analysis that you can rely on to guide your marketing battles.

Taglines & Messaging

A brand identity is enhanced with a brief tagline describing a company’s services, benefits, or values. Crafting a compelling tagline using only three to five words requires a special kind of creativity that’s not honed in English Lit class. Beyond a tagline, how does your company describe itself? Does it communicate about services and products in ways your customers relate to? And who specifically are those customers and what is most important to them? These answers are found in the realm of messaging.