Advertising in Spokane: You’ve planned a great party, but make sure to invite your guests!

Sounds obvious, right? But some businesses fail to invest in advertising, then wonder where their customers are. From clever text-only ads to full-color campaigns in national publications, Klündt Hosmer’s marketing strategy to promote your business and reach your target market are only limited by the budget and how willing you are to stand out.

Beyond print campaigns, our advertising work has graced the airways of radio, television, and online — featuring national voice talent and entertaining 60-second storytelling in addition to outdoor billboard campaigns that make a point in just a few seconds. There are lots of Spokane advertising agencies, and their work can be memorable or mediocre. Let’s make the most of the media buy and make memorable ads together.

Direct Mail Marketing

How many emails do you receive each day? Yeah, us too. In spite of (or maybe because of) the proliferation of email promotions, well designed direct mail has a way of getting through to your prospects in ways email never will. There is something special about receiving an eye-catching, compelling piece in the mail. It’s an effective message delivery option that is often neglected.


Television and radio can be viable ways to connect with customers (depending on your type business and who you sell to). So can advertising in newspapers, magazines, and outdoor media. All these venues are happy to take your advertising dollars. Do you know which ones will provide the best return on your investment? Or from a strategic standpoint, do you know what you need to tell the people who will see your message in these media? What are they interested in knowing about your company? What does your media advertising need to look like or sound like? These answers are needed before venturing into media advertising.

Print Advertising

With the proliferation of websites, blogs, and podcasts, do people ever sit down to read a magazine of newspaper? Recent data from Statistica1 shows that while magazine ad revenue is down sharply in the past 10 years, the total number of magazine readers has increased since 2012. Newspaper readership is declining (at least in print), but remaining readers are educated and more affluent than people who don’t read the paper2. Print ad readership is out there—especially in special interest publications—and that may be exactly where your customers are looking for answers to their business challenges.




Outdoor advertising reaches customers who are on the road and can deliver thousands of impressions each day. These messages reach people with the time to consider them, often in their vehicles unhindered by distractions of smartphones and email. Outdoor advertising can be a perfect adjunct to other advertising media — reinforcing a business’ brand and key message — requiring just a few seconds of attention from the viewer. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But this limited time exposure makes design and writing even more important.

Vehicle & Transit

We all spend a lot of time in vehicles traveling from place-to-place. Whether on our daily commute, running errands, or heading to an entertainment event, we are exposed to vehicles and transit buses as part of our every day lives. This exposure can make advertising on vehicles and transit a viable way for a business to reach its audience. Like outdoor advertising, transit advertising is often seen while in motion — which makes immediate communication and a memorable impression vital.

Video Ads & Traditional Broadcast

Video is king. Ever since Google bought YouTube that’s become even more true. It’s anticipated that video viewing will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. Even though YouTube ads, Facebook video ads, and other video ads are such a compelling way to advertise, traditional broadcast TV ads, or streaming alternatives like running podcast ads,  play an important role in an advertising plan. While video may be king, radio advertising and their streaming alternatives like Pandora ads (which has 58  million monthly listeners*), Spotify ads, and advertising on SiriusXM are fantastic for reaching people on the go or at home. Smart advertisers guided by a smart video marketing agency should use multiple video and audio advertising as part of their mix.