Gonzaga University, GoJoe Patrol, Honor Point Museum

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Gonzaga University Launches New Recruitment Package

Gonzaga University worked with Klündt | Hosmer to develop a complete package of undergraduate recruitment materials to promote the unique offerings of this very special Spokane university, celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

Working closely with Julie McCulloh, Dean of Admission, and Carie Weeks, Assistant Dean of Admission, we centered our work on the theme “Be Inspired.” We first designed a 32-page view book, including the writing of feature stories and art direction of photo shoots on campus and in Portland, OR. The elements were compiled into a publication that communicates the academic excellence that is a cornerstone of Gonzaga University.

In addition to the view book, we developed an innovative recruitment microsite that features stories and photos of students and their accomplishments at Gonzaga, along with campus life details, videos of special programs, podcasts of unique professors, blogs, links to Gonzaga’s social media sites and application information. The new site is hosted with Klündt | Hosmer and is fully-managed by Gonzaga staff using an online content management system.

To wrap-up the recruitment package, Klündt | Hosmer designed two posters, a print piece that is distributed at college fairs and a postcard that announced the launch of the microsite. This is the third series of recruitment materials we have produced over the past 8 years with Gonzaga, with content and visual refreshes in between each series, and we are proud of the success these materials have had over the years.


Gojoe Patrol Hits the Streets with a New Brand

GoJoe Patrol, a new mobile security company in Spokane, has recently launched a unique brand designed by Klündt | Hosmer. When GoJoe Patrol came to us, we knew we had to design a look that would adequately reflect their unique, highly visible approach. We had the privilege of working with Harry Sladich and his partners – Major Bambino, Corinna Bambino and Shawn Sladich – to create a bold look that is showcased with the GoJoe Patrol logo, patrol cars, website and advertising. We teamed up with Chris White at Comrade studios to produce a GoJoe radio spot that can be heard in the mornings on 920am KXLY. Visit the GoJoe Patrol website at www.gojoepatrol.com to learn more about their services, request a quote and read about facts on Spokane crime.


Honor Point Museum Proudly Reveals New Name And Logo

The Armed Forces & Aerospace Museum came to Klündt | Hosmer to rename and develop a new visual brand for the museum that has plans to build at Felt’s Field. We worked with board member, Tobby Hatley, on the projects and after much research and creative brainstorming, we presented the name “Honor Point – Military and Aerospace Museum” to the board. The result was a unanimous vote in favor of Honor Point.

The name and logo strive to capture the essence of what “honor” means to this group, as well as communicate that message to the Spokane community. The design's focus is a person saluting, a strong symbol that expresses honor and respect. It is supported by wings that elude to the museum's aerospace connection and location. We also utilized a five-point star that represents each branch of the military. The board felt moved by the new image and chose to adopt it for its new brand.

If you are interested in learning about what the new museum will have to offer, head to the MAC for the Cuban Missile Crisis exhibit October 16 - 29 to get a preview of the Honor Point collection. You can also stay tuned for a new website we are working on that will be launching soon.