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The Kalispel Tribe: History in Your Hands

The Kalispel Tribe of Indians is a wonderful client. We have worked closely with them in the development of the the Tribe’s visual identity, exhibit displays, website and other branding and advertising projects. A recent project we completed was a printed folder and timeline piece that the Kalispels can use when making presentations or sending information to parties interested in learning more about what the tribe is all about.

The folder utilizes historic photographs of Kalispel tribal members, elements from nature and Dean Davis’ scenic photographs of the Pend Oreille River on the reservation. The design conveys a sense of closeness the Kalispels have to their heritage and the natural environment. We wrote narrative for the folder that describes the background, challenges and hopeful future that exists for the Tribe. A timeline piece, showcasing historical and modern photographs of tribal members, highlights key influences on Kalispel life throughout history.

We think the folder and timeline piece turned out beautifully. April Pierre, Kalispel Communications Manager, told us that this project is her new favorite of all the work we have done with the tribe.

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“In the future, we hope for a wonderful life.”


New Corporate Communication Pieces for Avista

We recently completed a set of financial and corporate communication pieces for Avista. After designing and producing their 2010 “Investing in Our Shared Future” annual report, a 2011 Quick Facts booklet, a 16-page Shared Value summary report and a more extensive online Shared Value report were created.

The design of all these projects carries through a consistent look, showcasing photographs of Avista employees and infrastructure. The series of materials presents a professional, understandable message that helps readers better understand Avista's financial position, their plans for the future, and how their business builds value for their customers, investors, employees and communities.

As always, we enjoyed working with Avista Communications Manager, Jessie Wuerst, in the creation of these pieces and are proud of how this year's “package” of materials turned out.