HOTSTART, Mt. Spokane High School, Shepherds College

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A brand new start for HOTSTART

For nearly 20 years Kim Hotstart's logo has reflected the company's brand essence. It has helped them grow and thrive in their competitive market, however, the marketplace has changed and become more global. When CEO Rick Robinson decided that it was time to address this he contacted Klündt | Hosmer, who designed the previous corporate identity. 

The new logo evokes an established, yet modern feel that builds on the old logo's brand equity. The company dropped "Kim" from its name, which paired with the new look presents a responsive, approachable and innovative image.

Along with the new logo, Klündt | Hosmer designed a new trade show exhibit, brochure, business cards and website, all conveying the company's new visual brand. We are currently working on additional branding materials to be rolled out in the coming months.


Mt. Spokane High School gets new logo

Klündt | Hosmer recently designed a new logo for the Mt. Spokane Wildcats. This logo design creates an image that is striking, unique, strong, first-class, proud, and steadfast. It is representative of the high school's teammates, fellow students, and the greater community. Klündt | Hosmer is proud to have helped improve the school's visual image and wishes to thank Dave Nelson of Land Expressions for his contribution to the project.


We're twitter-pated with new client Shepherds College

Located in Union Grove, Wisconsin, Shepherds College discovered Klündt | Hosmer via Twitter when @LoganMagazine tweeted about our design of the lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities.

Shepherds College is very unique in that they provide higher education and spiritual growth opportunities for young adults with developmental or learning disabilities. These students want to prepare for a career, but a typical college or university might not be the right fit for them-Shepherds College meets their particular needs.

Shepherds College needed a new website and recruiting materials to promote the organization's offerings to potential students and their parents, as well as serve as an information resource for current students, families, alumni, supporters and higher-ed professionals. They hired Klündt | Hosmer to produce this work.

Jean Klündt recently flew to Wisconsin to art direct photography and video for use in their website and print promotions. We are excited to build a successful relationship with this great client!