Adding Dimension Through Video

The wide-spread use of YouTube, Snapchat, Facetime and Vimeo has amplified the popularity of video, worldwide. Many audiences prefer watching a video to reading text on a page. Decision-makers are much more likely to watch a 3-minute video than read an 8-page printed brochure.

Going Beyond a Talking Head

Video can bring your brick and mortar building into the office or living room of your target audience. Videos have a way of making your business more accessible to potential customers, making them more likely to contact your company, send an email inquiry or make an online purchase.

Your short, corporate videos or online video advertising campaigns can be seen by the billions of users connected to YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. 

What We Provide

Our offerings include concept development, script writing, storyboarding, graphics design, audio and music selection, professional videography and editing. Whether Klündt | Hosmer shoots and edits the video for you, collaborates with the best production companies in the region or works with your raw footage, we can help you maximize your communication efforts and help you hold the attention of prospective clients. 

It’s a video-infused world, so contact us so we can help you join it.