Your World-Class Summer Olympics Pregame Watchlist

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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Olympian

Athletes condition themselves for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by lifting weights, taking ice baths, buying mosquito repellent, but, we, the spectators, equip ourselves for ultimate “spectatoring” by studying up on our athletes via a robust queue of inspiring commercials. As spectators and advertising professionals, we’re suckers for really good ads.

You’re all queued up. Let the pregame begin!

  1. Ever wonder what Olympians were like as kids? Watch the animated short, “When Waychy and I Ruled the Playground” by Megan Rapinoe of the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

  2. Meet Yursa Mardini, the swimmer from Syria, who is competing on the first Olympic Refugee Team, which represents nearly 59.5 million displaced people around the world.

  3. Watch (and listen to) Samsung’s Olympics spot “The Anthem”, which brings together national anthems from all over the world to create one song.