The Smile of Success

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A whirlwind, yet very productive day yesterday.

Up early, I headed into the office to put finishing touches on a branding presentation that I would make later that evening to a group of physicians in Bellevue, WA. Diane Mahan did a great job on the presentation and Henry Ortega masterfully redesigned the layout of several reports that were part of the presentation and discussion.

Heading to the airport mid-morning, I went through the presentation in my mind. Fortunately, our client contact would be picking me up from Sea-Tac and delivering me back to the airport that evening, following the presentation, so I only needed to think about what I was going to do and say at the meeting. It was nice not to have to mess around with getting a rental car or driving around trying to find the meeting location in Bellevue.

The Hyatt in downtown Bellevue is a wonderful venue for a dinner meeting and presentation. The presentation went well. The technology worked (computer, projector, streaming video) - always a relief, and the print-outs of the new report designs were very well received

It is always interesting when I talk with very intelligent people (in this case, experienced physicians) about a subject that they know very little about (in this case, branding and marketing). Fortunately, this group was willing to listen and learn. They asked good questions and I think I gave them good answers. I am very optimistic about working with them on upcoming branding and visual communication projects for their company.

resizedimage350261 Eskimo3

For a great story on the creation of this logo for Alaska Airlines, click here.

As I boarded the plane late last night for the return flight to Spokane, I was very pleased with how things turned out that day. Looking at the Alaska Airlines logo on the tail of my plane, I think even the Eskimo was happy for me.

Oh, as I waited for my flight, I picked up the current issue of Fast Company. I used to subscribe to that magazine years ago, when it first was published. For some reason, it fell out of my " must-read" list. The October 2012 DESIGN issue has changed that. This is a great issue and I will again become a subscriber. Grab a copy, if you aren't already a Fast Company reader.