Should I Fix my Website?

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When to Consider Fixing Your Website and Why it’s Important
10 Questions to Ask Yourself

You’ve already gone through the effort and expense of building a website created for your organization. Good for you! Since websites have been around for nearly 25 years, you may have gone through this process multiple times as online communication and web technologies evolved.

Looking back, when was your last website revamp? Has it been more than a few years? If so, there’s reason to consider a refresh. Here’s a short case study explaining why.

Case Study For DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

DOMA Coffee Roasting Company came to us because their existing website suffered from outdated hosting, lack of website flow, poor design, and a complicated checkout process that hindered profits. The frontend and backend (CMS) of the site was, in DOMA’s words, “clunky and hard to use.”

Working with the DOMA team, we created a new site that was simple for users to navigate, easier to update and add products, better looking, and, most important, we simplified the checkout process.

Since launching the new website, DOMA received compliments on the new look and site features. Their site now reflects the product quality and shows that customer service is critical to DOMA Coffee Roasters. In a project follow-up email, the company owner thanked us for “taking our web nightmare away.” You just can’t do better than that.

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Now, thinking about your website, what complaints are you hearing from staff, customers, or clients about your businesses’ website?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does the site display correctly on mobile and tablets?
  2. Is it easy for visitors to find information, products, or services?
  3. Can you easily manage and update content on the site in-house?
  4. Is the design, photography, or video outdated?
  5. Are people able to find your website using common search terms?
  6. Are you able to track the number of site visitors?
  7. What are the top pages on your site?
  8. Do you know how much time visitors spend on your website?
  9. Are site visitors converting to customers?
  10. Do they complete the purchase or when, and where do they typically bailout on the purchase process?

Klündt Hosmer can address all these questions for you.

With many clients and companies quarantined or working remotely due to COVID-19, Internet use is up 70%, and streaming is up over 12% according to a recent article in Forbes.

Your audience is online now more than ever, and digital marketing exposure increased accordingly. While project start-ups and personal engagement may be down temporarily, people ARE researching products and services and looking at your site as they prepare for business to start up again. Now is an opportune time to take a critical look at the design, content, and functionality of your organization’s site.

Klündt Hosmer can guide you through this process from initial exploration to the launch of a site that (like the site we created for DOMA Coffee Roasters), will take your website nightmare away.