Making a Better World Though T-Shirts

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Occasionally we learn of a company that is doing something different, something meaningful, while still fulfilling our need for quality products.

A client of ours, Great Northern University, just turned us on to such a company.

Allmade4Allmade is a t-shirt manufacturer that sews their product in Haiti—paying a living wage to its workers and ensuring that they can take care of their children and provide access to education and basic health care.

Why is this a big deal?

In Haiti, employment and pay is so low, that many parents are unable to support their own children. They have to abandon them to the streets, turning them into “economic orphans”.

Allmade learned about this and opened a production facility in Haiti, employing dozens of Haitians, enabling them to support their families, improve their lives and bring hope to their community. Check out their video.

All that, and quality of the t-shirts they manufacture is really, really good AND they are ecologically-sourced and made.

We are beginning a t-shirt design project with Great Northern University and will use Allmade products because their values are in alignment with GNU’s and our own core value of Meaningful Contributions.

We'll keep you posted on the t-shirt designs we create.