2014 Project Rundown: CareUnity Naming and Branding

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When an organization merges or decides to launch a new service offering, name and brand image development is often the first thing on the agenda.

In early 2014, Group Health Cooperative and Providence Health Care launched a jointly-owned accountable care organization to deliver collaborative care in the best interest of the community. And that organization was in need of a name and a “face”.

The Group Health and Providence team hired Klündt | Hosmer to develop an effective name and brand image for the new entity.

Working closely with marketing staff in Spokane and Seattle, we developed hundreds of potential names, based on the mutual communication goals of the two organizations. Through an extensive presentation, revision, focus group and internal vetting process, the resulting name was CareUnity.

"We believe the name CareUnity truly represents the commitment of our two organizations to provide care in a more collaborative way," says Elaine Couture, chief executive of Providence Health Care in Eastern Washington and chair of the CareUnity Board of Directors.

Just the result we were after.

Following the approval of the name, Klündt | Hosmer began the brand image development process. Creatively designing dozens of visual concepts and presenting options for approval of the large branding committee was challenging. But throughout the comprehensive process, we received great input and feedback from the client team.

After multiple rounds of presentations and design revisions, the committee and board of directors approved the adoption of this design:

A comprehensive graphic standards manual was also created and a website will launch soon. Our involvement ensures that whenever the CareUnity brand is being promoted, the quality and professionalism of the organization is maintained.

These were challenging and rewarding projects. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the professional team at Providence Health Care and Group Health Cooperative.