Our Values

Not Just Fluff

You’ll find a page titled “Our Values” on almost any corporate website. Most visitors tend to skip over those pages because they perceive them to be full of boilerplate content. However, we encourage you to take a minute to read through our values and get to know what makes us tick.

Meaningful Contributions 

We do our best work when we use the power of design to contribute to something meaningful—a cause or company we believe in—that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Therefore, we align with clients carefully. Once we feel a connection, we unleash our passion and talents to help the client achieve their goals. We also use our financial resources to contribute to other beneficial organizations, leveraging the result of our work to help others.

Design Excellence

Shouldn’t it go without saying that design excellence is a value of any creative firm? Of course it is. However, we believe that we have set the bar for design in the region. The many awards and recognition our firm has achieved over the years show that others think so too. Companies who choose to work with us appreciate the power of design excellence and what it takes to create it.

Mutual Trust

When we choose to partner with a client, it is because we believe in them and what they do. We ask for the same in return. We can say without question that our very best work occurs when clients respect our expertise and trust what we do to achieve their goals. The same is true regarding mutual trust for each other at Klündt | Hosmer. Living this trust at work is vital for our mutual success as designers, programmers and project managers. It is a trust that must be earned.

Genuine Partnerships

We seek to build strong and long-lasting relationships with people we care about. This goes both for clients and colleagues. With our clients, we maintain long-term partnerships—often spanning decades—that frequently grow into personal friendships. Colleagues find a place of balance where their personal lives are supported just as much as their professional growth and contributions.

Client-Centric Experience

We focus on the experience our clients have when working with us. We’re committed to proactive, responsive, attentive and respectful customer service. We follow creative and technical processes that clients actually enjoy. We make clients feel special and well-cared-for in a professional, friendly manner.