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Tale of the Scale

Posted by Rick Hosmer on October 05 2011

Four weeks have passed since I started following the Total Shape for Life (TSFL) Medifast diet program. Four weeks of eating six small meals a day and not having any milk, cheese, sugar, bread, chips, M&Ms, ice cream, alcohol, french fries or Whammys from Dick's Drive-in.

Have I kept true to the program? Have I cheated? Have I given up? Have I lost weight? Do I feel any better? Has it been difficult? Do I crave any of the items in the previous paragraph?

Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. No. No.

As of this morning, I have lost a total 22 pounds in the past four weeks. The scale read 175 pounds this morning, down from the 197 it displayed just after Labor Day. I expect that in less than three more weeks, I'll be seeing 165 blinking on that bathroom scale.

For me, the TSLF program has been simple, easy and effective. If you actually FOLLOW the program, you WILL lose weight. And what I really like is the sense of power I have gained to affect my own life.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that you might be seeing less of me in the future. Well, the future is already here. And there's more than 10% less of me to see now than there was a month ago.

Oh, and to make this blog post have a least a little associated with Klündt | Hosmer work, we made a website design presentation to a new client a couple of days ago. See learn how the presentation went, take a look at our "Grand Slam Homerun" Facebook post.

(The above image is NOT my actual feet... or weight.)