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Spokane Club Keynote Presentation

Posted by Rick Hosmer on May 20 2009

Last night I delivered a keynote presentation at the Spokane Club annual membership meeting.

Mike Fleig, General Manager of the Spokane Club had asked me to make a presentation on the benefits of visual branding for businesses, organizations and for the Spokane Club.

All you get is 3 seconds...
All you get is 3 seconds...

After a very nice introduction by Greg Bever, Spokane Club President and publisher of the Spokane Journal of Business, I began the presentation by telling the audience that 95% of human thought is done at a subconsious level, and that emotional responses to what people see take place in less than 3 seconds. With that in mind, it is critical to intentionally direct what people see about a business or organization, as their future decisions are based on that emotional response (either good or bad).

Using a series of slides, we looked at a variety of photographs that generated emotional responses from the viewers. We then talked about how the communication elements of ink, paper, fonts and pixels can be used to properly (or improperly) generate the desired emotional response for a business.

I wrapped up the keynote by presenting the new logo we recently designed for the Spokane Club's Burgundy's Restaurant.

I received a good response to the presentation and Darin and I received a round of applause when showcasing the new logo. It was a fun evening.