Engineering a Fun Halloween

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Yesterday, Ashley Martin and I served as judges for the annual Halloween Costume Contest at Coffman Engineers' Spokane office.


Some of the Coffman Engineers team dressed up for Halloween, along with Ashley and Rick (dressed as judges.)

Klündt | Hosmer is currently developing a new website for the firm and has gotten to know many of Coffman's team members from their five offices. It was fun seeing the Spokane crew show their enthusiasm and spirit at this competition. Who knew engineers could be so much fun?

Each department put together a theme (complete with music) and dressed up to impress each other and the judges.

Ashley and I judged sleepy managers (complete with pajamas) counting "sheep", a safari hunter (kidnapping a baby gorilla) being attacked by jungle animals, a group of early '80s aerobics instructors, the cast of "Toy Story" and a strange threesome representing the result of an exploding microwave, the grim reaper and germs.

The Coffman Spokane team put a lot of effort into their costumes and the development of their themes.

In the end, the 2011 winner was the Structural Department whose sleepless managers (stressed out by projects, clients and the demands of their general manager) "counted sheep" in order to fall asleep.

Thanks for the food and festivities, Coffman Engineers! We had a great time judging the competition.