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From the Eyes of an Intern

Posted by Teresa Ide on January 20 2010

Hello Klündt | Hosmer blog readers!

Because it has been fairly busy around here, I, the intern, have been given the task to assist with blog entries. So I decided to write about the company from my own point of view.

Just today I was going through Klündt | Hosmer’s portfolio and got to see work they have done over the past few years.

I’ve heard it said many times that “Spokane is a big city with a small town feel,” and that couldn’t be more true today. I saw "big city" work representing local organizations that I grew up with. What could be more "small town"?

Klündt | Hosmer designed the brand identity for the Spokane County Fair & Expo, which is where I spent a couple of summers serving hot dogs and drinks to Spokane Indian’s Baseball fans. I also grew up with the daughter of the owner of Smith Orthodontics who hired Klündt | Hosmer for brand development work as well. And, as a recent lover of Washington wines, seeing beautifully designed labels that were created for local wineries really hits home for me.

As a lifelong resident of Spokane, looking at Klündt | Hosmer's past work has made me see how they have inspired Spokane to grow for the better. And just from the eyes of an intern, they’ve done a great job.

(That, and I also learned how to type umlauts.)